Saving a Life

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Who do you want there to be a romance scene for in this RPG?

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Saving a Life

Post by iluvbrady on Sun May 25, 2008 8:09 am

Me: You'll never get away with this Baltor!
Baltor: If you'll call for your whitelighter this wouldn't be a problem, would it Princess Desiree?
Me: DON'T CALL ME THAT! I hate royalty!
Baltor: Shut up and call for your whitelighter or I'll send you to Alfea with just seconds of life left where you can die and nobody can heal you until you're already dead and by then it will be hopeless to even try because I've already taken over all the realms.
Me: You make a forceful argument...
Baltor: You've got ten seconds left.
Me: I'm not going to!
Baltor: Starting..... now. Ten. Nine.
Me: Do that all you want!
Baltor: Seven. Six.
Me: Not happening!
Baltor: Four. Three. Two.
Me: Oh........ fine!!!!
Baltor: What was that?
Me: I'll call on him.
Baltor: Go on then.
Me: Brady!
(Brady orbs in.)
Brady: What's going on in here?
(Baltor shoots him in the heart with a darklighter bow and arrow.)
Me: BRADY!!! You're gonna pay for that one Baltor.
Baltor: We'll just have to wait and see on that one.
(Baltor orbs Desiree to Alfea)
Me: I... I... I can't breathe!
(Passes out on the floor.)

You guys can make your own character or be someone from the show.


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