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winx club the quest for extremix part 8 Empty winx club the quest for extremix part 8

Post by shiney1 on Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:23 pm

max stereo crash a loud DONG!! came from the monsters head. max dragon heart. cried bloom. the ice beast fell. max au..... flora could say it whole cause the monster grabbed her. no you DON'T! LITTLE!!! FAIRY!! AHH!!!. cried poor flora. he therw here at the wall. FLORA!!!!!!!!!!!!! everybody cried. that's it. said stella. MAX SOLAR STRO......he grabbed stella and banged her on the wall and therew her at bloom. bloom fell and stella they hit the ground. and as for you little fairy. lightning ice. cried the monster. a ice bubble sucked musa. and started shocking her. let me GO!!!! AH. she cried flora got up summer thunder it hit the beast. the bubble broke. thanks flora. your welcome musa.


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