Grogin's Life Part 1

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Grogin's Life Part 1 Empty Grogin's Life Part 1

Post by cooldude on Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:52 pm

BIO:[/b] Grogin was born in Eraklyon and spent most of his childhood there. As a child he met Sky and the two of them became friends. Later Sky met Brandon and Grogin's friendship seemed to deteriorate. Edventualy he decided to move to Solaria. There he met Stella and they became friends. Later Grogin joined Red Fountain as a Specialist. There he met Timmy, Riven, Brandon and his old friend Sky. Grogin and Riven got along well because of their similar personalities. Sky explained to Grogin, his friendship with Brandon, but Grogin didn't care. MISSING SECTION. One day durring Dragon Rangling, he was knocked down and his sowrd was out of reach. Then as the dragon was about to attack, he accidently transformed into a fairy and hit the dragon with an Earth-wave. He stood up and looked around, to see everyone starring at him. The next day he left Red Foutian and got enroled at Alfea. Durring his first day at Alfea he wasn't taken seriously, so he decided to challenge six faries at once. He challenged Soun (prounounced S-ow-n) who had the power of Vibrations, Elec (prounounced El-ek) with the power of electricity, Fleu (prounounced F-la) the power of flowers, Taeh (prounounced T-ah-eh) power of heat, Ehch-Too-Oh (pronounced H20) or Ehtoh (prounounced Et-oh) power of water currents, and Stacy power of comets and other Celestial bodies.

Grogin(Taken by me)
Soun (Avalible)
Elec (Avalible)


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