winx club the quest for extremix part 5

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winx club the quest for extremix part 5 Empty winx club the quest for extremix part 5

Post by shiney1 on Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:41 pm

ok little fairy i will show you some dreams Exclamation said darcy. dream DUST!!!!!!!! Exclamation darcy spreaded dream dust in the air. what is smoke going to hurt me? stella laughed. flora and musa laughed at her joke. bloom just chuckled. yes!!!! said darcy. wha.... stella fell to the ground. stellA!!!!!!!!! bloom cried. the gas went pass flora she fell to the ground. hey in this book there is fairy dust sticking out page 42. it said(the believix fairy dust it power will guard you. it's power is super it can hold 7 hits only. darkness powers will only take 6 hits. use it only in dangerous times.) ok. bloom said. she took the fairy dust and sprinkled it on stella and flora. they shot up. that fairy dust is powerful musa said. ok lets do this winx. they sprinkled fairy dust on each other. ok let's do this. dragon heart bloom shot it at darcy. she fell hard on the ground. sun beam! stella hit stromy. darcy soon got up. and shouted dark void!!!!!!!!!! it hit bloom but one shied layer went away. wow we need that pittyful fairy dust. stromy said. that was supposed to hurl her in the omaga dimension. darcy stomped. and yelled. hey going back to kindergarden. said musa. musical echo. she shot at both them. darcy dodged. but stromy got hit. summer thunder. flora cried. and shot darcy. stromy said: stormy dimension. she claped a huge thunder wave. the winx got hit and fell down. then 2 shied layers went for all of them. uh. stella rubbed her head:scratch:.

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