winx club the quest for extremix part 7

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winx club the quest for extremix part 7 Empty winx club the quest for extremix part 7

Post by shiney1 on Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:20 pm

im worried said roxy. me too said layla. they began to think something is wrong:cry:. AT CLOUD TOWER: bloom,stella,flora and musa. were walking down cloud tower hall. we showed them said stella. yes my max stereo crash showed them. but icy is going to pay for freezing my stereos last time we battled. so that is why it's been so quiet. stella said. i hate your Justin Bieber music he is so shallow. shut up stella!!!! yelled musa. musa pipe down said flora. yeah musa. stella said. GUYS!!! STOP!! IT!!! your going to get us caught said bloom. you are already caught said a big ice creture with a chainsaw for a hand, blades on his back, sharp teeth, big huge iron mussles and razors on his knees. i am razorice general for witchdoctor icy. and ready to hunt some fairy wings he let out with a loud firece roar. we don't care who you are. said stella. right said musa and flora. yeah added bloom. TRANSFORMIX!!!!!!!!!!! BELIVIX!!!!!! yelled bloom. (music stared it's a higher energy!!!!!! belivix so wonderful coming' out from your heart everthings possible winx) (the music stopped) ok guys me and musa take head. said bloom. flora and stella you take bottom. ok everybody said.


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